One little girl’s Covetous Thoughts.

           I had goose bumps  when I saw the Writing prompt for today. I always have this sinking feeling when I have a flash back into my early years especially when it is not something I can change.(who doesn’t). Today I have to talk about covetousness. When you think of it, the Holy Book said we should not covet our neighbour’s thing. When you want something so bad you lose sleep over it, it is covetousness. Say it another way you want it but that’s the way it is.

        I was not crazy for another person’s toys when I was little because I did not need them that much. One or two playthings were enough for us and besides, my parents did not ‘waste’ their money on toys.  I wished I had my friend’s sisters. Precisely, I wished all my friend’s sisters were mine. Being an only girl with four siblings, you may be able to understand this. I was not the only girl in my household, we had female relatives that lived with us at that point but we weren’t close. I don’t know for sure but maybe it was because they were older than me or because I was too young to know the need for sisters. By the time they were gone, I knew it mattered for one to have a sister or sisters.

       I can remember days I peeped from the sides of the curtain in our living room to look up to the balcony of the three-story building where they lived. Most evenings when they  stood outside the balcony having small talks or singing, I wished I could  go up and join them and be with them for as long as time would have allowed. I always loved going to their house because I would  sit and watch them do normal ,every day things that felt so superior and exciting to watch. I always found a reason to visit them and that visit paid off because most of the Mills and Boon I read as a teenager came from them.

       I cannot remember wanting anything as much as I wanted having a sister, especially an older one. I didn’t know i wanted it that bad until I got down to write this. Material things have always had a fleeting interest in my life. My mother took care of all we needed as kids and the ones you didn’t  get, there was no reason to ask for them  because the answer was always negative.  If it was not in her list, then you didn’t need it. It was that simple to her and I grew up with that.

Over the years,I have found many sisters from other mothers that I have aligned  myself with and I am learning girly things(at such an odd age) but take me some years back and I will gladly have swooped my last brother for a girl. I remember my mother telling me a child is a child and in case I don’t get a sister, I shouldn’t be sad. It was before she had my little brother. When I saw him, he looked so pretty like a girl and that calmed my heart. I  wanted other things my friends had but if I can’t remember them so vividly, that means my need for a sister topped the list.

(This post was written in response to NaBloPoMo, November 2nd ,Writing prompts.)

What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little.


2 responses to “One little girl’s Covetous Thoughts.

  1. I think we are long lost twins. Like you, I’m an only daughter but I have two brothers who are the joy of my life.
    I was very disappointed when my baby brother was born, I’d hoped and prayed for a girl. I fell in love with his beautiful face and curly hair the first day I saw him.

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