Friday Timeout

I am tired. My legs can barely carry me. I am yawning uncontrollably. I want to sleep and it is only 9 pm. I only sleep at 9 pm when I am ill or on very rare occasions. I am not going to keep up to my resolution of leaving my kitchen sink free of dirty plates before I retire for the night ( I have been defaulting  on that lately). I have no apologies for that. The plates never stops coming. We are to eat three times a day and if we go with that calculation, we will have to wash the plates only thrice a day. However, that is not the case. Sometimes,  I wash the plates six times a day. So today, I am not giving it a double thought. They have to wait till tomorrow.

I won’t want to bore you with my housewife tales. I only want to share some pictures of DIY first aid box me and the kids constructed. Not that they did much of the carpentery work but we are a team and I wouldn’t have done it without them.  It is only 10 marks they will get for it in school but their happiness at being part of the process cannot be quantified.
The next time you want to say that women aren’t doing anything at home, think again.
Enjoy the pictures




Finished work


Proud of my handiwork




Painting time

They did well with the paint work. Tomorrow we will add the contents of a first aid box,  and we will be good to go.  I am proud of them. With all that was supposed to be done that I left undone, I know there is no greater joy than sharing these moments with my children .


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