Five ways I need to be more Productive.

I have a dream, a dream where I  succeed beyond measure, a dream where my children are growing up all prim and proper, a dream where I have an excellent writing career. I dreams dream. Oh!Such beautiful dreams. Beautiful but unrealistic dream except I do this one thing :DO NOT TOUCH THE SNOOZE BUTTON.

On so many mornings , I have woken up with my alarm at 4.00am. Instead of getting up and starting the day, I look at the time and say, “I can spare some minutes ” and go back to bed. I wake up almost an hour later to hate myself. I berate myself as I hurriedly prepare my kids for school (if it is a school day). If it is not a school day, I get behind time on things I have planned and it is always a struggle to do any productive thing. Productivity is not only doing house chores. They will always be done or else my house will be a mini pigsty.  For me , Productivity is releasing my inner self to achieve something that will bring me joy, add a smile to someone’s face and make the world a better place. Every morning that I SNOOZE it, I am making an excuse, thereby planning to fail. John Mason said that “an excuse is a foundation used to build a house of failure “. When I make an excuse to spend a minute longer in bed than I have to, I am saying that I don’t have much to offer for that day so the day can as well go as it pleases.
I tell myself that I work from home so that I will have time for my children, their school work and general well-being . However, when I take stock at the end of the day, I realize that I haven’t really put the extra in the ordinary as much as I want to for them.  I don’t  do much for them on days I hit the snooze. I try to make up for my lost time by working and reading far into the night and when morning comes again , the cycle continues.

I want to live better than that. I want to be more productive and not just being busy but not having much to show for it.  wish I can  erase the snooze button but I can’t. Since I cannot erase it, then in will have to change my lifestyle. Many factors are responsible for not being ready to  get up in the morning. In A Night Owl’s Guide to More Productive Morning, Alan Henry points out that having enough sleep, exercising and having an accountability partner will aid productivity. The one reason I SNOOZE the alarm is because my body tells me that I need more sleep. Maybe I do. Staying up late(even for good reasons) and having to do house-keeping and settle sibling’s bickering eventually catches up on me one way or the other.
Lolly Daskal in her article on has this to so about sleep deprivation.

Skipping sleep impairs your brain function across the board. It slows your ability to  process information and solve problems, kills your creativity, catapults your stress levels, and decreases your memory recollection and retention. Stop thinking of sleep deprivation as productivity. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine of Harvard Medical School , any short-term productivity gains from skipping sleep for work are quickly washed away by the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation on your movement, ability to focus and access to higher level brain functions for days to come.

Now that I know these things , what is my next step?
*Change health habits by eating healthy foods at appropriate times. Routine exercise bores me a times but this time, I will try to stick to a routine that II can keep up with.
*Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. I cannot say that enough. It is said that the average adult needs 6-7 hours  night sleep to achieve maximum body health and brain functionality. Sleep well to work better.
*Get an accountability partner. It is easy to make a decision but carrying it  through can be a major challenge. I will take proactive measures to make myself accountable to someone. (Shudders)…This will take a great deal of sincerity on my part.

*Schedule my daily activity and stick to it.

*Have fun. These should be fun, I hope.

The start to a new lifestyle begins. Are you willing to be partner? Do you want to be my coach? The floor is open for everyone. Let’s go!


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