If my Fridge could Walk…….

As hardworking as I think I am, I can never get into the flow of cleaning my fridge. I dread cleaning it as much as I dread a dirty fridge. A fridge should be the cleanest object in a kitchen because it stores our raw and cooked food and drinks. Sometimes, I wish I could lock it up and open it only when I need to take something from it but when I have five other people sharing it with me every given day, that will be so impossible. I think the times I watch the kids closely when they enter the kitchen is when they open the fridge. I look to be sure they covered the lid of a bottle well to avoid spillage. I remember one particular time the light went off for some days causing the contents of my fridge to decay. Boy!It was one of the most miserable cleaning jobs I have done.

I love opening a clean and shiny fridge, you know that type that sparkles when it has just been cleaned. It makes everything in it look so fresh. I see some people’s fridge and I get envious. I wonder how they do the magic. One time, I craved for a bigger fridge, the type that has double doors that open on each side.double door fThey were always advertising it on TV then so it became the picture I saw when I closed my eyes to sleep.  I loved that it has space for a lot of things especially as it has different compartments. Then I thought of cleaning it and the longing died a natural death.

I have never procrastinated in doing anything as much as I have when it comes to cleaning the fridge. If my fridge could walk, it would have walked away from me a long time ago. But it’s stuck with me and will only endure my lapses.The dreadful feeling before cleaning my fridge evaporates at the sight of it’s pure, unstained cleanliness after a job well done. fridgeGive it some weeks later and I would wish I have an assistant cleaning it for me. Even if it that is the only thing she has to do for me.


laziness somecard I totally feel this way about cleaning my fridge.

thinking-of-you-in-my-time-of-need-funny-ecard-31iThis is me thinking of that one person that will take over the cleaning job. If only it was as easy as picking up the phone.

What do you dread doing most?

NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt: If you had a personal assistant who would do your most dreaded tasks, which items from your to-do list would you assign out?


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