And you thought you were having a bad day…

Earlier today, I was talking with my friend. We were wallowing in the ways live has not been good to us. I stepped out of the house minutes later and saw the obituary posted on a NYSC bus. The corp member was married but her life has been cut short at 28 years. I sobered. She is gone and can’t complain but I have my life and can change situations I don’t like. I wasn’t having a bad day afterall.

We are the church

It has taken two and a half frustrating weeks to replace a door. I have heard it said that we should be kind to others, because everyone is going through their own struggle. These words have echoed inside me since this morning. I discovered that the lady who didn’t answer her phone, didn’t answer the door even though we could see she was home or told us to come back at a more convenient time when she did come to the door, had been diagnosed with an agressive brain tumor two weeks ago. Is it any wonder she didn’t return my calls? And I thought that I was having a bad day.

It is so easy to be selfish and thoughtless. It is tempting to want to react instead of respond when people are not cooperative. No matter how my tough day is, it isn’t really that bad in comparison…

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