On your Mark, Get set, Go!

I started an exercise regimen this morning.Today, I decided to come out of my shadow and shine. Before I left the house with the kids in the morning, I had one thought in my mind…..what if people looked at me? what if people wondered why I am not rushing back home to prepare for work? what if people laughed and think I don’t have anything important to do(as if exercise was not important enough). You see, my country men are just waking up to the importance of exercise and the effects it has on us. The new age fad has crept on us  in terms of food we eat, the number of hours we spend in front of  the television and computer, the longs hours we sit in the office and stuffs like that. We are becoming aware of the need for exercise and keeping fit especially among ladies(our reasons might be different but exercise is exercise.).

Let me tell you about yours truly…….. I am shy in certain situations. I walk past two people talking and if  they pause to look at me, I assume it is me they want to talk about. So, sometimes, I want to be all prim and proper when I am outside. Walk well, offend no one, be calm when I talk,  do not do anything that will bring me attention. I don’t want to be too assertive so that everything will go smoothly and everyone will be happy. I want to be the one that will do the jobs that won’t bring me attention. I can’t work in a marketing department because I won’t want to bother anyone by persuading them to buy my product. Say “no” the first time and I am gone. I guess that is why I have put off writing for a long, long time. I have been scared of putting my thoughts down only for  someone to turn around and think I am  dumb. Such thoughts held me back. But guess what….. I am always pulled to do those things that will definitely announce me. My growth process, I call it.

Let me get back to this morning…… So, I took the walk. The first documented walk of my life . Yay me! One or two persons stared from their cars. One or two person must have also thought , “she doesn’t have any job to hurry to that’s why she has time for exercise”. While another would have thought, “I wish I could have the time or strength to walk like she is doing”. Maybe, they didn’t even notice me. However, I finished and  proud of my success. It might be a small success but I did 3.30km in 31:14 minutes (yeah, I am gloating). I am here and no one has called me out  for doing what I had to do for my health and fabulous life.

you live only once

Here is the deal. Everyone won’t like your guts. Everyone will not support you even if you are doing the right thing. Even if we are the best of ourselves, there is someone out there that will always stab you when you turn your back. Some times, people don’t even see you when they look at you. So, why bother ourselves about others, especially when we have our best intentions at heart. Mind you, your good intention should never cause another harm. It may disappoint them or infuriate them to hate you more but as long as you are not making the world a darker place with your acts, RIDE ON.  Amazing_Quote_on_Past_and_Future_Wallpaper

What success have you withheld from yourself because your are afraid of “them say”? They will eventually say o, so why not give them something good to talk about. It doesn’t mean we have to be floor mats for people to like us. We can learn to be more assertive with our words or action. We can learn to step out of our comfort zone. It is a craft we can master. Ask Robert Greene. He will tell you.. What have you been waiting to create? People  said it won’t walk, that it won’t sell in Nigeria. So, you gave up on your dream  only to open your eyes days or months later and find it selling on your TV. Who will you blame? You of course.

It is another Monday. A brand new Monday. Why don’t you get up and move? Shake the lethargy of you. No one is in your way.Break a leg! Give people something to talk about. You tripped and fell? Don’t stress over it. They will talk about it today and tomorrow, they will be another fall for them to talk about. Why waste more time? The time is NOW. hardwork

Quotes: hdnicewallpapers.com


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