To live is to laugh and cry.

It is one of such days, days that I pine for a good movie. I should be getting ready for bed but then, I decided to go round the world (thanks to whoever invented the tv). So, I go round till the StarGOLD channel lured me in. I have always been a sucker for Indian films, especially for the ones that make me laugh and cry with the authors. Indian films are one of those kind of films that you are never sure of what’s going to come up next. You hardly figure them out till the last minute. I have watched some Indian movies over and over without getting tired. Thank God for the subtitles. Indian folks must be very intelligent. To think of the fact that they started making films that had class and act from long ago. There is a lot of improvement in their movies now. Their films have more class and swaggs now. Even though they have started showing off more feminine flesh than they used. There are times, I think some plots are childish but there are some super-duper plots and theme too.Times have changed and Bollywood has changed with it.
I didn’t plan to talk about Indian films but watching them this evening got me thinking.

The world has a lot of people from different tribe, race, culture and beliefs. We are different in many ways but one thing holds us together . Let me introduce you to Emotions. The feelings of love or hate is common to all. We cry, we laugh. We find joy in the laughter of children , we feel sorrow when people die. Emotions…. The need to love and hate, cry and laugh. I think that is the reason I watch the Indian movies. I must admit that sometimes they make me cry more than laugh. Sometimes, they really show the darkness in a man’s soul. Across continents and ocean, with the difference in language, we sit and laugh and cry with the Indian movies simply because we are human, created in the image of One God. Let us not forget that. We have our lives in our hands. We can decide to make it count while we are. Like the Indian movies, we will feel love and hatred,  we will laugh and cry. I guess that is the way life is meant to be.


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