When the Day is over.

When the day is over and it is time to take stock, do you tap yourself on the back in acknowledgement of the success of the day? Do you duck and hide your head in shame, knowing that you goofed? Do you even bother to reflect on the day’s activities to know whether you walked in line with your purpose and vision? Or do you think that it is just one of those days to live your life anyhow?

I used to be like that, not wanting to recognise my weakness and sometimes not celebrating my success. However, thank God,I am changing. Yea, I am a work in progress. I discovered I couldn’t go forward without dealing with the obstacles on the way and most times , the obstacles are from within. I decided to face my fear of not being perfect because I realized that no one is. I got to understand that I can’t be doing the same thing wrongly and expect a good result. This is not about making lemonades out of lemon. This is about me, about you, about everyone one of us taking out time to study ourselves and the patterns we always model. If things constantly go wrong with us, then we should pause and look within. Do not think it is always an enemy or evil spirit at work. It could be a call for you to take charge of your life and be the best of you.

I am taking charge of my life and it is one of the  best decisions I have made.


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