Me and my Partners

I always like this time of the day, my “me time”. Chores done, stew for Sunday rice half done, my dinner cooling off on the kitchen table, kids either sleeping or watching the last show on Smile of A Child network before they close their eyes. It’s Saturday and on most Saturdays, almost anything goes. Almost anything.

I have been blogging every day since November, thanks to BlogHer’s NaBloPoMO. Even on days, I couldn’t get my mind to create an original, I reblogged a post or wrote an inspirational quote copied from some book or google led me to it. I told myself I was not going to miss any day of this blogging month. However, yesterday, I missed to post. I didn’t remember I didn’t post anything till this morning. Yesterday was one of those days, life overtakes you. It was Friday and a friend had us over in her after school. The kids were over themselves with the  freedom to play and run around as pleased while snacking on any anything their eyes saw as good. It was good company and my friend allowed me to sleep a while. She saw me stifle a couple of yawns and as woman to woman, she knew I had to close my eyes or faint on her. She choose the former. I didn’t have enough of the sleep because as we got home, my bed called and I answered promptly. So this morning, when I remembered I didn’t post yesterday, I smiled to myself and thought, “That is how my life is. I win some, I lose some and it is all good”.

So, here am I. Counting the hours till Monday so I can give myself a huge pat on the back and let down the bar on the  new clean eating habit. Have a meatpie and a bottle of coke or a delicious piece of cake. Dance with my kids like we don’t care. Yes, they are my dancing partners. I don’t know how they grew to it but in a flash, they are becoming a lot of things to me. Dancing partners, domestic helps, gist partners (that is if listening with one ear to what a classmate did and didn’t do or the new game they played during school recess and checking my phone for an update or stirring soup on the pot counts as gisting. Blame it on the various things mama has to do at once), playmates, especially when my wee lad decides it’s his mandatory mommy time.  We have become a lot of things in a short while and I am looking forward to more.

I think motherhood is knowing when to let our guards down and be real with our children. Times are changing . If we want to raise children with absolute self confidence in themselves,their parents and the society, we should allow them express themselves well. There are times my kids have said something that I wouldn’t have said to my parents while I was their age. Imagine my wee lad asking who was on the phone with me or the older ones deciding how the TV time will be allotted to everyone’s program. I calm down and warn them sternly. More than once, I have used the “I am not your friend” line with them , especially my daughter. I didn’t know raising a girl child has special challenges. What amazes me is that with the anger, the scolding and the smacking when necessary, they always come back to me.

I don’t know how I do it but on a day like this, when I recall how happy they were as they played round the house as opposed to their choice of going outside to play, how they finished off their foods at different times, how they managed to read their books at intervals and now they are sleeping peacefully, I know I must be doing something good.  Mothers simply know when they having it good with their kids.

It’s still thanksgiving weekend. Christmas decorations have started going up around town, a carol of 9 Lessons was announced on radio, the air has changed and everything is just the way The Creator has planned it. What can I say but Baba Twale!

















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