Yes, I did It.

“The goodness of the Lord dey turn me around, make me wanna dance, even if  I no wan dance, my body go dey move me”. That is the opening lines of Samsung’s new song. I so want to move my body and dance but motherhood caught up with me today and all I want to do now is lie down and sleep, which I will do in a short while. But before I do so, allow me to pop some champagne.


At this point, I should be singing “pop pop pop champagne” but I am not a champagne person. So, I popped that one for you while I join my coca cola people to say “grrhrhrhrhrhrr” to the chilled drink from the fridge. This is not the time to remind me of the clean eating routine except you don’t want to have a bite of this yummy  and sensuous  chocolate cake.

cake Before you start asking for the recipe, (whispering), I borrowed the picture from someone , somewhere on the internet.

I deserve all that and more because today, this November, I started something and finished it well. Maybe not so well because I missed a day or two of putting up a post for NaBloPoMo but here I am , basking  in my new found strength. On a normal day, I would have loved to hang out with my special girls and gossip and laugh over a plate of fried/jellof rice, chicken, salad and a bottle of coke. Adding a dance to it will not be a bad idea. But, shuttling between the computer and the kitchen is far from normal. The Ukwa(breadfruit) I was making almost got burnt.

I recall nights I have posted hurriedly at a few minutes to 12 because I had to beat the deadline. So now, the “ability to work under pressure” in my Curriculum Vitae is not a lie after all.

I got to enjoy some good old musics because they kept me company on those days I stared at the computer and wondered how to start a line. I also got to know that Westlife will always be one of my best music groups because after so many years of separation, they found their way back into my head again.

To everyone that have made me wondered what they saw in writing after my notification beep showed they liked a post or are following my blog. I say, “Dalu nu”(My Igbo way of saying  Thank You). To the friends on Facebook that thought I was amazing and shared my post(especially when I thought I had said something silly), I will forever be grateful.

Now that it has dawned on me that I can create magic from my head through my fingers, I am not stopping.


Nodding my body to Pharell’s Because Am happy”. Yes, I am happy.


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