Adding Beauty to the Season

Christmas decorations have started going up on the streets as the state government wants to give the residents a jolly good feel of Christmas. Besides, it is beautiful sight too.

I cannot remember the last time I decorated my house for Christmas. We had a Christmas tree once but I didn’t allow the Christmas songs on it to play. The constant chiming didn’t go well with my nerves but I loved the lights that glowed in the darkness. I am so unlike my father-in-law , who is a stickler for the decorations. So, my kids get to see a decorated house when we visit him.

So, it was that the first time we saw the Christmas decorations on our way to school, they became excited and in the excitement, we agreed we will decorate the house this time. It didn’t cost them tooth and nail to beg me. One of the just said, “mommy, please can we decorate our house”? I am yet to know what it was that got me most. The calm and confident way the question as asked or the imploring look on his face that said, “please, don’t say no”.

I agreed and they yelled in excitement. I have been thinking about it since then. Should I do it while they are away at school and come home to it? That will be a pleasant surprise but I also feel that doing it together will matter most to them. They will look at it and say,”we did it together”. I might even go further and add a few gifts under the tree for them. They have been awesome this year and a little thing to show I appreciate them will get me the Mummy of the Year Award from them. It is the season for beauty, so, lets set it rolling.xmas tree

Christmas tree


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