Time Out with Mommy

No one plans for a child to skip school because of ill health. No one plans for ill health but it happens anyways. My daughter came back ill from school yesterday. This morning I had to cancel my plans of going out with my mom to be with her. On a whim, I decided to go out with her. I hardly go out with her alone so why not make today a fun day and we did just that.c360_2015-12-03-09-23-26-774.jpg

We took a walk around our area and discovered places that we didn’t know were nearby us. We went shopping. A plan to buy her hair products turned into a shopping spree. If it was in her power, she would have bought every item on the shop. She beamed with excitement when we entered the children section. A lot of toys to buy and a lot of money to pay for them too. I made a mental note of the things she fawned over. I obliged her when she asked for a set of Christmas cards to buy for her friends. It’s Christmas after all.

Our outing made me realise that she is growing up. Her ability to look out for the price on any product is a sign that she is learning that everything has a worth. I think that is a good sign too.

She rattled off to her brothers everything we did and made those ones wished they stayed home too. I look forward to another girls’ timeout with her.


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