Introduction To Parenting Class

You know what they say about finding the job you are good at and doing it well. Right, that sounds so good in the corporate and business world and when pursing our dreams. On the other hand, it is a far cry to relate to when you are a mother. Show me the perfect mother and I will show you a robot.

We fall in love, get married(or vice versa), and look forward to having children and living happily ever after. All these we do without a definite manual.So many times, I have pondered on the “train up a child in the way he should go” verse and it bothers me that truly there is a right way to train the child but do we know it?  We hardly do. We only assume that we do and go through Motherhood with trials and error. Most times, by the time we figure it out, the kids have grown and have become independent, they would have formed their habits and the 21 days habit change will sound like greek to them. No one explicitly tells us the right way to do it. We are assumed to figure it out as if it was automatically thrust on us. If it were so, the sons of Eli would have been great ambassadors. Sadly, only a handful of parents get it right the first time.

I strongly believe that there should be a parenting class for intending couples, just the way there is a marriage class. The difference in parenting skills have turned great lovers to Tom and Jerry, seeking to outshine each other as they want to be their child’s favorite and perhaps get the Most Valuable Parent award.

Marriage is a partnership and both partners should have a set of rules and regulations they will adhere to , especially as it regards to training children. They should have a similar purpose for parenting, and a family vision. To understand these will set them on an excellent course in parenting.

Training a child should go beyond what a parent wants. Rather it should be about how to help the child to discover his purpose. Our parents have done a great job with us but sometimes, I look at myself and agree that more work would have been done if they understood this purpose and vision concept for every particular individual/child(no hard feelings mom and dad. I love you more each day).

The need to raise healthy children both in body and soul have birthed the desire for more knowledge . So, I have opened my heart to learning from my parents, from parents all over the world that I may never get to meet but have discovered such insights into raising godly children.  By godly,I don’t mean men and women that will be fanatics in the name of religion but men and women that will have the love of God shed abroad in their hearts that their nation will know it and experience the divine love through them.

It starts with the parents first, mothers especially. In our society, parenting has become more of the woman’s portfolio. However, fathers still have a huge role to play in parenting apart from paying the bills because  anyone can pay the bills. I am talking of joining hands together to raise a total and responsible child.  Women have been known as Managers of the home. Such a great honour but it comes with too much expectations, it’s own share of frustrations, heartaches, tears and laughter too.

If you are here, you are ready to learn how to be a better parent. I am learning too. Since I am not a selfish person, I will be sharing lessons I am learning from my kids, books and parenting classes(I intend to attend some)observations too. Welcome to my parenting class. I will be sharing with you tips that have stood the test of time for many parents. Get ready to change the status quo. You can only  be a better individual to raise the best child.

“Train the next generation to love and obey God so that they will not have to be rescued”. Jane Evans

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