The Power of Morning for Everywoman…and Man too

Some months ago, I won’t be saying this that I am about to say but time keeps ticking and the only thing that is constant is change. My  Saturday mornings are special. I make up for the early morning rising between Monday and Friday for school preparations on Saturday morning, staying in bed till about 9 am or more, because I feel my body needs to make up for the lost sleep. It did feel good then.6 am

But recently, my priorities changed drastically. My fight or flight mode was activated and I chose to go with Fight and that meant giving up my sleep for some hours in the morning. It was a hard one to do. I don’t mean a physical fight with a neighbour but fight for survival. It is the bitter-sweetest fight everyone goes through at every stage of life.

So, I decided to wake early, far earlier than I have ever woken up on any given day. I was so skeptical when I was making the decision because I know how I love my sleep. In fact, every one that is close to me knows that. I gave in and traded my sleep for a chance to grow into the best me ever. irish proverb.png

The first morning, my alarm beeped through. I did not hear it.  I woke up feeling bad and amused at myself at the same time. I wondered if that was how I intended to grow. I looked forward to the next day. So, when my alarm went off at 3 am, I woke up and wanted to change my sleeping position, according to my mom. But I got up and started the business. I meditated for a set time and started getting school things ready. It was one of the best mornings in my life. The super me-giddy feeling didn’t last till the end of the day because by mid day, I  was feeling sleepy, terribly sleepy that I was struggling to keep my eyes open asI went to pick the kids from school. I found out the reason for the acute feeling of sleepiness later.

I gloried in going to bed late. I thought it defined a super mom. So, I would leave everything I have to do till the kids have been put to bed, then my day starts. By the time, I am done with everything that is personal to me, it’s 12 midnight or even 1 am. I have gone to bed as late as 2am because I needed to read a few more lines of a book or be on Facebook(don’t say I told you). I am changing though, one day at a time.

After a few mornings of missing the alarm and waking almost an hour later,I am getting the feel of it now. My body is gradually adjusting to the change(never say never). Some mornings, I wake just before or with the alarm(yay me).

One good thing led to another and I realised that I have enough time on my hands after the meditating and prepping school things. I started doing house chores in between . Washing clothes on some days, sweeping the house on others. All these I do when the everyone is still asleep. Such freedom!

Here are some things ways my life has changed since waking up earlier.

  1. Willpower: First of all, it took willpower for me to decide to wake early and keep at it. That same willpower has got me to give up my sweet Saturday morning sleep and become productive….highly productive. Like today, I washed clothes, cleaned up some parts of the house I didn’t clean on Thursday(my cleaning day), had a fresh air morning exercise. I beat the harmattan cold to it and the feeling is sensual.
  2. More Positive: I am an A positive person but for weeks now, my positivity grade has gone to A+. I must say the meditation times are helping me. I have never had time in the early morning to meditate. We rarely do because we are always in a hurry. The sun is mostly shining in my heart now and it’s reflecting in my life in many ways.light.jpeg
  3. Inspiration: Perhaps it is because the house  and the environment is still quiet. People are still changing gears in their sleep and there is no child reporting a sibling or baby asking for golden morn. My brain juice flows endlessly so early that I chase after it with speed if I want to keep up with it. Billion dollar ideas are formed at such times and no one will want to miss such times.
  4. Deliverance from Sleeping late: Yes,right now I do my best to sleep early, at least as early as 11pm. That is the only way I can be sure of waking at my new time and staying awake through the better part of the day. I did not achieve this th I take some 30 minutes/1 hour nap in the late afternoon and I am so good to go.
  5. Formation of new habits: I find myself planning ahead of time lately. I am working on the time to read and write, do chores, be on the Internet(that is the hardest to adhere to) and one or two other lifestyles that I am beginning to love.

The list is endless because I know that each day will bring new results, better productivity. I haven’t totally missed out on my Saturday sleep today because I intend to have a good one after giving them lunch. I am so looking forward to it.

Have a Super Whooper Saturday.Don’t overwork yourself  doing house chores…..they never end.



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