Hi, as part of the plans to keep Diapers and Gowns specific to Parenting and Childcare, I am separating my short stories and created a separate blog for them. Welcome to BooksandSounds.
Still yours truly, Adamma.


I had felt some eyes following me all day long. It was the kind of eyes that went right inside you and left you feeling all warm inside. The eyes followed me right into the bus.

It was long after lectures had ended and they were few students left in the compound so the bus was taking time to  fill up but I didn’t mind because I was engrossed in my novel. So it was, that I didn’t bother to look at who sat beside me in the face (though I knew it was a male) till the bus was leaving the car park. It wasn’t the first time people asked to see what I was reading and I wasn’t surprised when he asked to see my book. I paused and quickly ran my eyes to the page before giving it to him. As I raised my face to his…

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