Thank You

We have come a long way, you and I. The You reading this is whom I am referring to. I would not have made this far without everyone reading, liking, commenting and sharing or re-blogging my posts. This is my sincere way of saying thank you.

This Monday morning is a special one, being that it is the start of the Christmas week. Parenting classes is supposed to be on but hey, It’s Christmas week and I have decided to make this week a throw back week(TBW). I am going to re-post most of my previous posts this week and  give everyone the opportunity to let me know what they have enjoyed reading most on Diapers and Gown.

The idea behind this is to prepare me to focus more on the theme of this blog so as to have a better writing and reading experience. I will write an original post on Wednesday. Be sure not to miss it. Raising my glass of Smoothie to a fantastic week.


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