CHRISTMAS! Such a wonderful time of the year. There has never been a period that gets much notice and hype than this period. The crave to have and to be is always the hardest this season. The need to show off our latest success, to see and be seen is always the focus of the day.  The period when adults are quick to ask, “oh what is it that you are working on now” or “how many children does your daughter have ” and kids are fast to show off their newest outfit and toys. Ha! The Struggle is real.

I went out yesterday and everywhere was busy, from the roads to the market places. Don’t even mention the bank because you don’t want to be there on a 23rd or 24th December. The hair stylists that hardly open before 8 am are open before 6 am and yes , people are queuing up to make their hair. After all, it is Christmas and the struggle is real.

Observe people independently and you will know that every fine hair, every new dress , every chicken and bags of rice have come with a price. A  price that mostly, probably started paying by the beginning of the year. So, what makes you think that the last minute business proposition is gonna make all the difference for you when you didn’t start paying the price earlier? Keep struggling,  it is so real.

On the radio the othe day, I heard a jingle that made me hiss. A certain church, as they always do, will be having their Christmas retreat from the 24th to the 26th December. Come on folks! Really? Spending Christmas with your church members is gonna make all the difference? Are they expecting Christ to return  while they are gathered together as one and leave the others that are dining and wining? What is the season for anyway? Shouldn’t every plan be to spend the two/ three days as a family, cousins meet themselves, new wives introduced to the family, kids fight for attention and play in  the sand? Family squabbles settled or as least people make it seem settled untill they depart to their individual homes? Anyhow, the struggle is real.

What’s your struggle? You think because your neighbour has food and drinks that everything is alright? You think making the best hair will deal with the tug in your heart whenever you remember the broken relationship, debt staring you at the face, death of a loved one or whatever it is that keeps you up at night? It won’t but at least , it will mask it untill you see yourself in the mirror at night.

The struggle is real for everyone in diverse ways and will always be untill we breathe our last breath. So , why panic?

It is Christmas and it is time to be merry. Whatever you couldn’t show off today, you will show off tomorrow. That is a big lesson I am learning in a bitter-sweet way. Christ may not return in the Christmas camp or He may(after all He is Almighty) but if you have been praying for a single thing and still haven’t got it, why not remove your scarf, put on your dancing shoes and have fun with your family members. You will even burn some calories while at it.

The struggle is real but Christmas is Supreme. Put a lid over your challenges and have fun. I am gonna have great fun and everylittle thing  is gonna be alright(in Bob Marley’s voice)
Merry Christmas everyone.


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