2015…. What can I say? You have come, left your marks and gone. I still remember where I was at this time last year and soon, we will start referring to 2015 as last year. Just like the line from Toni Braxton, we will be saying, “2015, you are so yesterday”.

It isn’t every year you make some life altering changes and have a ride or die attitude while hoping it will be a smooth ride notwithstanding.  2015 was that year;a year I started discovering myself again. Sometimes, you are lost without knowing it. You keep going in circles until you become dizzy and feel the world is closing in on you. At this point, you seek for air, fresh air and will do anything to be free.  I think 2015 was my  year of fighting for my freedom. Yes, it just dawned on me that that it was all about. It started off as My Year of Balance and I must say It was a success.

Success comes with its moments, some good and others bad. Sometimes it seems like the bad supercedes the good. But as the day goes by, I realise that my strength is found in the challenges/struggles and hard times. Talk about gold going through the fire.

About me and God, I don’t always understand us. I don’t know where I miss it but I miss it somehow but will keep searching and pushing forth till our hold becomes firm.

It is 31st December, 2015. I visited the hospital today and might again tomorrow because my dear son broke his hand while jumping. Definitely not a way to end the year but better broken than dead.

So, here I am , eating rice with my son and watching television with a bottle of fine white wine waiting to be popped at the right time and while we wait , we drink coke.

Goodbye 2015
Welcome 2016


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