I bet no one told you that that the first major quarrel you might have with your spouse will be about your children. The first quarrel might be over the name a child will bear and who gives the name. (Yeah, little things that might cause big wahala). Some people might not bother about who names a child as long as it bears a name. Let’s say you are out of that league.

What about where a baby sleeps? It is always beautiful to see expectant parents shopping for baby things. They don’t mind spending huge amount of money on a baby cot but then the baby comes and decides it won’t sleep on that expensive bed. Baby wants to share mom and dad’s bed. Here goes wahala number two. “Hello baby, daddy wants his space with mom”. Mothers don’t mind where the baby sleep, infact, if you are like me that love my sleep, you will be more grateful the baby is nearer because that way, you won’t wake up and walk the distance to where baby is to feed him. Daddy might see this as mum being insensitive to his feelings whereas, mummy doesn’t see it as a crime.

These are just the beginnings of thing that will make you wonder if you are still in love with your spouse. Don’t sweat it. You are still in love. It is life in the form of cute, little children coming in between. Communication still remains the key ingredient to raising healthy children. Now when I say healthy, I don’t mean food-filled, juice-drinking babies. I mean children that are confident in themselves because they are brought up in a home where dad and mum express themselves with one accord. Children need to see that unity between the parents.

Granted, parents will have different views a times because they are unique individuals but it should not be detrimental to the well being of the children.  Don’t think somethings are too small to matter. Everything matters when it comes to family. Everyone matters too. We may not be able discuss every detail concerning our children (either born or yet unborn), but we can set precedents and hope that life will not throw surprising punches at us that will alter our plans




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