WORK: To do something that involves physical or mental effort, especially as part of a job.

– manage or operate something to gain benefit from it.

-to function, to operate, have result or effect you want

-to make a material into a particular shape or form by pressing, stretching, hiting it.

-move gradually-to move or pass to a particular place or stable, usually gradually.

These are various definitions of work according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary. So many of us are workers and we know the application letter we wrote before we got the job. We applied for a parenting job the day we said ‘I do’. Signing the dots comes with the package. There is little or no difference between parenting and your everyday job. In your everyday office job,you choose where you work and sometimes, you even have the right to decide your team players. You progress to the the higher positions as you gain more experience and pass promotion exams as also compared to the different stages in parenting. As a parent, you are automatically made a Manger/Caretaker while God remains the Director.

In Genesis 2:  He says to replenisha, multiply. That is a job description. The fall happened and everything turned haywire. Blame Adam for that not Eve(story for another day). We erroneously think that parenting is all about bringing children into the world. We love and care for them for the first three to four years when they are still such darlings and afterwards, we leave them to parent themselves.

Parenting is for a lifetime. Compare parents to a prisoner. Consider the live of a prisoner, more so when he is a lifetime prisoner. He is resigned to his surroundings and devises ways to make his life bearable. Many prison facilities have different programs that will keep such prisoners engaged. Some allow the prison process to kill or make them. It is a choice. See the family as a prison facility and parents as  prisoners…..but in a good way. However, that is where I end the comparison.

Parenting is handwork like you have never imagined. Like a woman in labour, you have to keep pushing at it. There will be intervals, moments where you think you have hit the wall. Move back from the way and take a step in another direction. There is no “this must be it” rule but you can learn from people that have been on the journey before you, people that will inspire your desire to be the best parent. Am I trying to scare away potential parents? No. I am only preparing you mentally. When you receive lectures in the class, you already know there will come the time for examination.

For every well mannered, responsible child , there is a woman that have worried, cried and have almost given up on the madness called parenting. Oh yea…there will be mad days. Trust me.
Parenting can be Hit or Miss but we pray we it right most of the time.


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