Recently, I prepare two different meals in my home. The general one for the kids and hubby and the special one for me. It is special because it is geared towards my low carbs, high protein/vegetable diet. In my house, a group of people are not interested in vegetables and the few times they eat it, it is always with fear and trembling and I don’t mind as long as they eat it. However, for the sake of my peace of mind and theirs too, I prepare mine and anyone that is willingly to share is welcomed.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was making my veggies, I told my daughter that one of these days, I will make enough veggies for everyone to enjoy. My 8 years old response shocked me. In her casual way, she said, “that’s how you always say next time and yet next time, you will say next time. You will not do it”.  Chai! The young lady finished me with that statement and she was right.

How many times have we said something that we didn’t do? Once, twice? That’s OK. It is only a problem when it becomes a routine like my daughter pointed out. Sadly, that is the problem with many parents and adults. In a bid to put the child off our neck with their requests, we make vague promises that we hardly keep. The danger in it is that we make these children believe that words are cheap and that it is okay to say things we don’t intend to do or forget to do. We make them have no confidence in us. Eventually, they grow up like us and the same circle keeps repeating itself.

I see my faults through my children. They are still so innocent that they don’t bite their words before saying it.  An adult may have a hard time telling me the truth as it is so as not to hurt my feelings but the kids spell it as it is.  It is therefore wise for me as a parent to be careful to do that which I want my kids to do. This is not a case of practice what I preach but practice before I preach. That is one way that the kids will learn faster and I won’t have to be shamed by my 8 year old’s accusations. May God help me.

What ways have you been accused by your little kids?  We love to hear your stories.


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