It is typical of people , especially Nigerians to say, “na wa o. Why did she have a Cesarean Section? Can’t she push her baby like other women do?” I used to think every woman was meant to have a vaginal delivery until I started having children and shared bed spaces with other women in the maternal ward. Those experiences changed my mindset. I hope yours will change too after reading this.

April is Cesarean Awareness month. Its aim is to raise awareness and educate people about Cesarean section. Sometimes, C-Section/C-S is unavoidable but the aim of this awareness is to support the reduction in the number of C-S in mothers who really do not need it or will not benefit from the procedure when compared to vaginal childbirth. God bless whoever thought of dedicating the time to spread the awareness of the pros and cons of C-S. Permit me again to say that I still believe women have such inner strength that transcends any thing the man might think of. She bears such pains in her small head and body than a man would.

Ceasaren Section(C-Section or C-S is a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby through an incision (cut) in the abdomen and uterus if labour or vaginal birth is considered too difficult for either the woman or her baby. Does the this sound like a child’s play?If I decide not to write anymore on this topic,I am sure you have learnt something already. C-S is not a ploy to avoid Vaginal Childbirth and it is done (in most cases) when complications dangerous for the baby and mother arises.

The Ceasaren- Section has risen steadily in the United States and Canada since 1970, when approximately one woman to twenty had a Ceasarean birth . However, today the rate is approximately one in four women in the US and one in five in Canada. The Nigerian reported that between 1996 and 2009, the C-section rate in Nigeria rose by 53%.

Let’s agree on one thing…. C-S is more convenient, faster and more predictable than vaginal birth. It is not usually a painful procedure because it is done under Anesthesia. The doctor also makes good money from the expectant parents. However , that’s where the jolly ride ends for the woman.

Cesarean Section increases the risk of serious problem with Anesthesia, infection and heamorrage. The woman stays in the hospital for a longer time. The pain she feels for weeks afterwards is unimaginable which makes it difficult to care for the new mom resume household chores or employment immediately after childbirth,not forgetting the money that has been spent.

Hardly will a woman willingly agree to a C-section without important and necessary reasons. Such reasons can be:

**CEPHALO-PELVIC DISPROPORTION (CPD). This is a situation where the baby’s head is too large and the pelvic structure is too small or the combination of both.
**MAl PRESENSATION OR MAL POSITION: The body’s placement in the uterus is unfavorable for a vaginal birth. This could be as a result if baby lying horizontally, or in a breech presentation (bottom or feet first) or the baby’s head is tilted in such a way that it doesn’t fit .
**FAILURE TO PROGRESS OR PROLONGED LABOUR. When contraction is of poor quality or dilation or descent is not progressing or both, this cannot be made known until the active phase of labour. At this point, there is nothing else to be done but a Cesarean Section.
** FETAL DISTRESS.When babies are in trouble , it is usually detected by listening with a stethoscope or by reading fetal monitor tracings.
Fetal distress can cause brain damage ( cerebral palsy,epilepsy) in the body.Most times,babies already have complications during pregnancy. Using a C-Section cannot prevent such ailments but can spare the babies from stress during labour. Prolapsed cord,Placenta previa, Placental abruption,maternal diaeases ……are amongst a lot of reasons for C-Section.

Most times,C-Section is unplanned. It is decided upon when difficulties arise during labour. On such rare occasions, the survival of the baby and mother depends on a successful cesarean Section. Failure to progress during labour or foetal distress are problems that do not usually arise suddenly. They develop gradually and there is time to try other measures to sped labour or get more energy to the baby.A C-Section is only carried out when these measures fail.

C-Section may seem a fast one but the wahala for the woman starts after the procedure . The pain is an “out of this world” experience in a very bad way. The recovery period cannot be compared to a vaginal birth.

It is not every time we are in the mood for studies like this but we need to be aware of what women go through. This is not in any way to scare any woman from going through this procedure but to make the world appreciate what she goes through in bringing forth beautiful tiny humans.







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