The first time I watched “Love me, love me, love me” on the television, my first thoughts were, “damn, who be this?” Naija babes never get this kind liver before. Then I checked her profile and found she has come a long way from being a trombone player for her school’s orchestra band to graduating with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Kent. She has done backups for the likes of George Michael, Mary J Blige, has performed on stage with Sting, Black Eyed Peas, amongst others and eventually graduating from Berkeley College of Music. Tiwa Savage entered the Naija music scene when it was hottest. Me thinks she came with her fire and it spread. And is still spreading.


This post is not a biography of Tiwa Savage. Wikipedia has done that already. This is a post about a woman whom I love her courage, her tenacity , her style, her grace, her elegance, her

voice…her gentle sultry voice. I am trying to figure out the voice I prefer….the voice on stage or the voice when it isn’t singing. Tiwa is my heart robber. Her music is food to my soul. Agreed, I don’t have a shelf filled with her albums and pictures(maybe I will after now) but I love her all the same.

In life, we are advised to look up to people that have done better than us…those that have started the race and still running their course ahead of us. Tiwa Savage is ahead of me. One, I am not a singer. I don’t make millions dance to my song but she does. She knew what she wanted and went for it. Yours truly is still torn between career paths. She is Mavin’s first lady and I am not. Oh! Don’t forget , she is Pepsi’s first lady too.  I give it up for Tiwa Savage anytime.


You may be wondering why the plenty eulogy. She deserves it and more. She is a woman of character, I don’t care what TeeBillz thinks. Tiwa Savage’s marriage to her former manager Tunde Balogun has been on air and a cause for public opinion for a while now. Her husband’s recent suicide mission broke all hell lose. I am of the opinion that people who plan to commit suicide where people will come to their aid are the worst of them all. They are  those type of people that are manipulative of other’s feelings and opinion. Why didn’t he jump to his death already? Better still, he could have  hung himself in his room(that’s the suicide drama we know).

If you are reading this and you have never had a relationship wahala, please this might not be for you. I have issues. People have issues. However, we don’t take to Instagram to let our partners know that we have had enough. Come on! Where is the human empathy? What happened to those nights when you humped her and didn’t tell Instagram about it?

My heart bleeds for Tiwa Savage. Yes, she is celebrity and this too will pass but first of all, she is a WOMAN. Whether we like am or not, one out of every five women dey battle with emotional, psychological, mental blackmail/violence.  Depression is not only for the man. Women get depressed too. We will soon take to Instagram too. A man doesn’t need to strike a physical blow before we know a woman is in trouble. When a man goes before the public to say his wife doesn’t feed him, sleeps around, is a witch , berates her for being a successful woman, he is not any different from a wife beater. He only hits with his words and that kills a person’s self esteem too. Words pierce the heart. 

Why do the men have to make women  feel responsible for their inadequacies? Why should the woman put her life on hold because a man thinks his life has expired? Why can’t the woman be allowed to express her God given creativity without fear or prejudice from the man. The society can be stifling for the woman but do our husbands have to make it worse too?


This post is to encourage every Naija woman to keep being the best. We are celebrities in our different spheres of life. Don’t settle for less. Keep aiming for success. If you have a man that supports your journey , God bless him. If you don’t have, don’t sweat it. Success is personal. It is yours to enjoy. Since food has become the beginning and the end for some men, please let’s feed our men well. Don’t give them the opportunity to say that our mamas didn’t train us well. Motherhood is hard work already.  Let’s do our best as much as our strength allows us. Whatever happens, where ever you may find yourself, remember say,” na only you waka come this world and na only you go waka go”.
I am a WOMAN. I stand with TIWA SAVAGE. She is  a WOMAN .


This post is a mixture of Nigerian English and the formal English.



  1. Except a person is sick in the head, normal people don’t think about killing themselves.

    Tiwa’s husband, at least from his rantings, is not well, and he should be viewed as a patient, not just as an abusive husband, like your piece has painted him to be.

    Tiwa herself has not done well in the way she reacted to all these. She should have just kept calm for now and only speak when frayed nerves have been calmed. How is it a good thing, for instance, that she has informed the whole world that her husband is a cocain addict ? It may be true, but certainly, not all truths are meant for public consumption. The Internet never forgets.

    And by the way, do you even realize that so far, it’s her word against his’ ?Non of them has offered any concrete evidence in support of their respective claims.

    Trust me Ada, some things are better just kept private. You may argue that he started it, but does joining her husband to fight in the mud like a pig make Tiwa a better pig ?

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You said it all, he started it. Maybe Tiwa should be viewed as a patient too. When someone thinks they are not feeling well, they should visit the doctor. When you are sane enough to remember your Instagram or Facebook account, then you are still very sound. Everyone has issues. Tiwa is not a perfect woman but some things should not be started in the first place. Besides, don’t light a match and not expect it to burn.


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