Practice makes perfect is such a common cliche but it is the truth. When you do something over and over, you will realize that it becomes you …like a second skin. Motherhood is a big example of that. We run the same show of waking the kids up, preparing them for school, doing chores…etc on a daily basis that it becomes something we can do with our eyes closed. It is a circle we create consciously till it becomes a part of us.

Like I always say, motherhood evolves.  There are many facets to it. Mothers make amazing leaders(no hard feelings to awesome dads) but it is the truth. Leaders are coaches. They observe your mistakes and correct you (in between the yelling and frustrations) but all to make you a better person, no matter the cost. The cost can really be costly.

Lets talk about the costs. Now , bear in mind that what cost means to you may be different from what it means to me.  My kids wash their under wears with their school socks daily. well… it is supposed to be daily but these kids can jump and pass over chores faster than Usain Bolt. So, some days it piles for two days or more before they remember or I force them to do it…Don’t judge me yet. Mummy is also human. So, on the days they get down to do it, I usually perceive the smell of the washing detergents from downstairs. Chai! You ought to see how my heart skips and I can’t resist to shout, “you people shouldn’t finish my omo o. That you are washing today doesn’t mean everything should finish today.” For that moment, I am not bothered about their bodies soaked in water which will cost me more money if they catch the cold but instead, I am bothered about the 100 Naira detergent. The things that bother mothers sef!

So, this evening, I went to help the boys hang the stuffs they washed only to realize that they didn’t rinse them. Oh! they did. They had put it plenty Omo as usual so mummy had to rinse them again. I smiled while I did that. I smiled because I can beat my chest(like almost every Naija mom does) and say,”my little ones have learnt how to wash. The stuffs they washed were so white and I wondered if I  achieved that feat when I was their age. My mom will have better answers to that.

Play it back to Saturday morning when I was mixing the batter for the pancake. My eight years old was on her feet. In her usual way, she wanted to be involved in everything..from cracking the egg and having her share of repeating everything I did. Then we started frying. I did the first set and she continued with the rest at her request. So , I gave attention to washing the beans for Moi moi. She allowed some to get too brown, some were turning black, I kept reminding her to pay attention to what she was doing but I left her to finish it up and she did. The result……no one left a pancake on their plate,except for the one kasie played with when his tummy was filled.

strong children

Why am I telling all these stories? It’s simple. We must allow the young ones to make their teeny weeny mistakes, waste our detergents, spill water on the already mopped floor and mop it again, misplace the money given to them, be cheated by the meat seller, burn the pot of stew , sleep off and lock the family outside for some hours, break the bottle of coke she went to buy…..the list is endless. There must be costs to bear if we want to pass the torch to qualified people. Making children street smart is one of the keys to surviving in this times. Don’t allow the streets to make them smart. Teach them about the streets from the comfort of your home. Expose them in the right path and then in due time, you will sit back, raise your legs on the couch sipping whatever it is that makes you relax and flip television channels. With children, it is still garbage in, garbage out.

Shout out to all the mothers that are making it work not minding the costs. #Motherhoodstillrocks.


2 responses to “PASSING THE TORCH

  1. Been a while Ada, I have missed you!
    When I read the Omo part, I had to pause to laugh. You sounded so much like my mother!
    I love and endorse this post, this is premium wisdom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww. I missed you too Adaeze. You may not believe this but when i read it after writing , I thought of you. I missed you too dearie. I hope to not stay away like this again.


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