Me : Kasie,  come out from that place.
Kasie: Why?
Me: Kasie, don’t play with those cards.
Kasie: Mummy why?
Me: No,  I won’t share my drink with you?
Kasie: Why?
Me : I am going out.
Kasie : Mummy, where?

Phew! His questions are endless.  If only he knew how they tire me out. If only he had any idea that mummy is entitled to her own thoughts and reason.  He doesn’t know and sincerely,  it isn’t about me.  At his age now,  everything is about him.  Yes, it is his time to discover his surroundings. It is time to satisfy his curiosity.  It is time he learns to depend on mummy to be available for him against all odds. 

This period of dependability will go a long way to determine how he will relate with me in the future.  That is the basic reason that i try my best to have a “because for every why”. It is also very funny how he knows when an answer is the right answer and accepts it totally. 

How has his era of curiosity helped my act of parenting? Now,  more than ever,  I try to be very sincere with my kids.  Having a solid, ready answer for my young man empowers him with the correct information that he needs for a whole development. 

I didn’t know this before but now I know, I will walk in the light of the truth.  Children know when we lie, so,  isn’t it better we just tell them the truth and let them respect us for that? I stand for the truth even if it will make him hate mummy temporarily.

In what ways is living with a child or working with children taught you practical life lessons? I will love to know.  Share your thoughts.



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