Family Lounge

“ADA, ADA, ADA”. How many times did I call my name? You are free to call me out too. Even me don tire for myself too. Today, am here, tomorrow , am gone. I ought to be punished.

I am sorry I have been away for a long time. Balance…Balance…Balance. That’s what yours truly is working on and yes, I can say, I am nearer the mark than I was before now . You know some things change when we seek balance, especially when it is for a greater good.

One of the obvious change is the name of my blog. We have transited from Diapers and Gown to Family Lounge. It had to be done thus so we can create a synergy between all our platforms. We have also introduced audio podcasts and some more exciting things are coming your way.

I think , “Welcome to Family Lounge” , will be the perfect thing to say at this point. I am sticking around for real now (she smiles).

Family Lounge….Changing the world one family at a time.


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